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RV Innovations for 2015

What new things in RV living for 2015 should we expect to see this year?  Well, as always, new designs and “must have” innovative gadgetry will evolve with the coming new year.  Much of the RV innovations will focus on space saving ideas and providing more “home-like” features.  The big on the inside, small on the outside trend will continue to be tweaked and improved.  A perfect example of this can be found in the re-introduction in 2015 of Fleetwood’s Flair 26D.  This full-body painted motorhome offers an exceptionally large living area for a package that is less than 27’ long.

The encompassing of thin flat screen TV’s into cupboard doors adds easy storage and a dual use of space.  Televators, TV’s mounted that power up from a table top, quickly convert a living room from a TV watching spot to a conversation area for hosting your guests. Expanded living space with rear slides that increase the RV’s length when in camp is a growing trend in some models.  Murphy beds will be seen in both trailers and motor homes allowing instant space repurposing.

In the larger class A coaches, tag axles will be featured on many units 40’ and up.  The trend for steerable tag axles will probably double as Spartan and Freightliner now offer passive types on most of their larger chassis line ups. The bath and a half popularity is continuing to grow, as are twin sinks in the master bathrooms.  The class A race for big diesel engine horse power will continue with more offerings showing up with a huge 600 pony Cummins ISX power plant.

So, what new things will we see for just adding to our current RV?  The new season will arrive with a host of new innovative products and upgrades.

Well, there will be lots of new RV goodies coming over the horizon for the coming year. Many of these new items promise to save you time, money, or make your stay in camp more enjoyable.  So pull up a camping chair and enjoy!