Photo by Ansel Adams "Evening, McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park," Montana

I just called and reservations are available. Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies…wait… Neil Diamond already said that.  Yes, you can still get summer reservations for the coolest camping place in Glacier National Park (in my opinion), Fish Creek Campground.

You’ve read and heard all about how great Glacier Park is. It’s all true. I ought to know. It’s been my backyard for 25 years. Well…30 minutes from my backyard in Whitefish, Montana, and I think that qualifies. I’ve “done the Park.” I know and have hiked many great places, have stayed in lodges and camped at awesome spots, and one of my favorite go-to-places is Fish Creek Campground.

Here’s why:

1. Call me dull, but I like reservations. Fish Creek Campground is one of only two campgrounds in the Park that takes them.

2. I like beauty. Fish Creek Campground’s “Loops” are the real deal: you’re in the forest, don’t ever doubt it. It’s best to drive through each loop to pick your favorite or check the campground map and choose in advance. The phone folks are great and will help you. I love Loop C as it’s close to the water. But truly, you can’t go wrong. I used to love playing in the raft with my two little ones  in Fish Creek’s Lake McDonald,  as the water is so shallow close to shore.

3. It’s quiet. I’m for it. The hosts do a great job there. They do not allow Fish Creek to turn into a remake of “Animal House.” Things get quiet when they’re supposed to, and stay quiet. The one time I had to complain the hosts dealt well with the ‘issue.”

4. It’s great for water, walking, bicycling and hanging out ( I wore out a hammock there). It’s easy, easy, easy access to beautiful Lake McDonald.

5. The restrooms are basic but very clean and lots of them.

6.Glacier National Park is Grizzly country; the Park Service takes things seriously for your protection.  Rangers drive by campsites frequently to make sure folks put away all bear attractants (anything but the picnic table, basically) before leaving camp for any reason. That’s a good thing. Bear stories are stories no one wants to hear. The folks at the entrance will tell you what  you need to do when you check in. Glacier National Park is not a pretend theme park. It’s wild and camping there requires some thought and planning. You can’t sue the Park because you discovered the deer will bite and kick you if you nuzzle them for a photo op. I saw that happen. Some don’t know that Bambi was in a movie, not in Glacier National Park.

Things you might not like about Fish Creek Campground:

  1. RV’s have a 26 foot limit
  2. There’s only 30 RV sites…but lots of of tent sites
  3. Showers? Nope. You’ll be roughing it. Man up (woman up): Find out how tough you really are…
  4. If you don’t leave your campsite bear proof, you will be fined. And you should be.
  5. Fish Creek is a bit more of a drive to the other gorgeous sites in the Park, but not bad. I mean, nothing’s bad in the Park!

I really hope you put Glacier National Park and Fish Creek Campground on your bucket list. I hope you walk the short, handicap accessible “Walk of the Cedars;” I’ve seen people’s faces, sitting in wheelchairs, so thrilled to be out with their families amongst those ancient cedars. I hope you and your kids hike the easy Avalanche Lake hike ( it’s not handicap accessible and 99 cent thongs won’t cut it for footwear). It’s all so wonderful. Truly. There’s still plenty of time this summer to create those unforgettable moments with your family.

Happy tales,


PS  If you can’t stay overnight, Glacier is perfect for day trips. You can park in Fish Creek Campground and just hang out for the day, as well as a multitude of other places along Lake McDonald. And this is only the beginning of life in Glacier National Park.

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  1. Robert H. Lovell

    I have a reservation this summer in Loop A. My site has a maximum length of 35 feet. When I read your blog about a 26-foot limit, I almost had a heart attack, so I checked again. Maybe, that limit is for Loop C.

  2. Patti Faustini

    Oh Robert, I am so very sorry. I literally prayed that you were right (you are) and I was wrong ( I am) about the RV length limits at Fish Creek because I know how important your reservations are.

    I don’t often make mistakes like that, I’m not sure what happened, but I take it seriously.

    Here’s the link stating there are 18 RV sites at Fish Creek with a 35 ft limit.

    I hope you and yours have the time of your life at Glacier. I must run and correct this error elsewhere.

    Deepest regards, and I thank you, Robert.

    Happy Tales, Patti

  3. James Sutherland

    You mentioned that the people on the phone where helpful. What number did you call? I can’t find any number for glacier where I can get a real person.

  4. Patti Faustini

    Hi James…yes, it’s difficult to find a real human being. I’m looking for that number, but it’s getting late. We were just up there at Fish Creek today! It was GORGEOUS. I should have asked when we went in there. Check back in a day or two, and I’ll post it here.

    Happy Tales,, Patti

  5. Patti Faustini

    Hi James, and anyone else who wants to speak with a real human being in Fish Creek Campground, in Glacier National Park!

    The local number for the folks at the entry at Fish Creek is:

    406. 888.7202

    They do not take reservations: I call them about things like “will my RV fit?” or anything else I want to worry about and want an on-site person!

    Happy Tales, and hope this helps,