Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: “Fiestaware… Maybe It’s Someone Else’s Turn”

December 20, 2010


Patti on the Whitefish MT River

"It's someone else's turn to love the Fiestaware"

Do you, almost embarrassingly so, love your stuff?  I do. Take my Fiestaware. I love my Fiestaware. I’d like to have met the creator of those classic, homey designs with those rich, high concept colors. After all these years, I still study my scarlet carafe as it sits beside the sugar and creamer set with its own little tray. How beautiful is Fiestaware; and I (as you may have guessed) have more than one set.

Once I’ve put the scarlet set to bed after the holidays and Valentine’s Day, out comes the sunflower set that delights us through spring and summer. Summer fades to fall, and out jumps my cinnabar set to stay with us until the day after Thanksgiving, when Ms. Scarlet debuts again.  I think special dishes and tea sets evoke the little girl in any woman who ever played house. So what happens to my Fiestaware as we adjust our material life to accommodate a Class C motor home in the very near future?

Brenda, a Manitoba Woodall reader who is also downsizing to an RV, recently wrote to me about these things. As a result of her insights, it crossed my mind that maybe it’s someone else’s turn. I don’t mean someone else’s turn to buy lovely things at a “classified” price that benefits both of us. And I don’t mean someone else’s turn to buy striking dinnerware at an even lower-than-classified prices, many thanks to wonderful thrift organizations.

Instead, maybe it’s someone else’s turn to receive the gift of pretty settings that have blessed my table and my life. Maybe it’s someone else’s turn, someone less fortunate than I, to create a vibrant table for her family and friends, as I have done for so many years.  And maybe it’s time that I become a blessing to others as I have been blessed.

This week, someone else will be laying a lovely Christmas table using dishes and serving pieces that perhaps she could not have bought. May God bless the cookies on her scarlet oval platter and the sugar and cream in her little set. Come spring, may He bless the tea steaming from her perfect sunflower tea pot, and come autumn may He bless the water that flows from her cinnabar pitcher.  Most of all, may He bless those around her table who marvel at how lovely everything is and rejoice with her in the beauty of her home.

May He also bless you and yours at this season and all the days of your lives.

Happy Tales and Merry Christmas,

Patti Faustini

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  1. Brenda & Gary

    Hi Pattie awesome blog again. I am glad I could share some of my downsizing ideas with you and I hope they make your transition to RV life a bit easier. I am looking forward reading your next blog as we both get closer to the next chapter in life’s adventure. I have another idea but it is for our Christmas tree for next year, we will be collecting key chains from our various stops throughout the year of traveling. Once you add a ribbon bow to make them more festive…. they will be our decorations for our tree. I also have some crochet patterns that are small photo frames that would work for travel pics to add to the tree as well. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Patti Faustini

    Hi Brenda, and thank you for the feedback. I crochet and would love it if you could send the crochet patterns that are frame. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Patti

  3. JoAnne

    You’re my inspiration!

  4. Patti Faustini

    Thank you JoAnne! I don’t really know what you mean, but it sounds really nice! Patti