Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Downsizing Christmas to an RV

Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Downsizing Christmas to an RV

We’re giving away or selling darn near everything, right at Christmas time.  Our goal is to sell the house (yes, you nay-sayers, houses on our street have been selling!), hit the road when the weather warms, and head to Montana and Canada for a few months. No since leaving Arizona now, wouldn’t you agree? When things gets grey, cold, and harsh up north, we’ll head south.


Right now, we’re in “downsizing to an RV” mode. We have four adult children (three with spouses) , one who thinks he’s an adult, and five grandchildren. That’s a lot of past Christmas stuff. In a previous Woodall’s blog I addressed the emotional realities of giving away our things. Check out “Why We’re Morphing into Snowbirds” for the gory details.

But now, we’re actually doing it, giving away our stuff. Watching it leave the house. Exchanging it for ‘filthy lucre’, as they said in my high school Latin class. And how am I handling it? Quite well, since you asked. Perhaps writing that other blog helped me make peace with letting go of material things I’ve loved.

Many of our things are gone already, and we just started letting go about two weeks ago. The truth is, I wouldn’t remember most of it had we not taken photos, as was suggested to me. And Christmas? I had feared that our house would look bare and awful this Christmas, before we get into the big RV. It doesn’t at all.

It looks just like it will look inside of our lovely RV! We have a “24” fake tree (as opposed to a 7 footer) with one strand of lights (instead of 10), and just a few  ‘gotta keep ‘em’ ornaments to decorate. Oh, and my mom’s hand quilted stockings made for each of us…gotta have those.

Tiny Tim

"God Bless Us Everyone"

Our home looks gorgeous. There is still that lovely lighted hush in a darkened house that comes from a Christmas tree, only it comes from a much smaller tree with fewer things on it. But the best thing about Christmas is we have our faith and the family and friends at Christmas that mean so much to us. That changes not, whether we’re in a house or an RV. Christmas will always be lovely, no matter where we, because of who we are. As someone quite tiny once said, “God bless us everyone!”

Happy Tales to you, Patti

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  1. Brenda & Gary

    Hi Pattie, we love reading your blog. We are also downsizing and moving into our RV and selling our house at Christmas time. So we really can relate to what you are going through. It was a good feeling watching our oldest pull out of our driveway with a bunch of tools from the garage and stuff for his new house as well. It is emotional getting rid of everything, but also good therapy shedding the material stuff, and just hanging on to the memories…. and the memories fit into the RV better. Hope to see you on the road sometime, we will be south in the winter and back home to Manitoba Canada in the summer. Look us up if you need a tour guide up here and we can be anti social together.

  2. Patti Faustini

    Hi Brenda and Gary, how nice to hear from other semi-crazy people who want to unload stuff and get on with life! I wrote to your e mail address, thanks for your comment. Patti

  3. Christmas season is a time to give and time to share the things that we have or we have in excess. May the spirit of Christmas reign in our hearts this yuletide season and have fun downsizing your xmas to an RV! Cheers and keep the faith alive!

  4. Patti Faustini

    thank you for your response, Glamis Camping, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well. Patti

  5. At first I had a hard time downsizing all of my Christmas decorations, but when it took up half of the storage under our RV, I knew I had to lighten the load. So I packed up some of my son's favorites and send them off to him. It was so much fun to see that he used them on his Christmas tree this year – we got a pic of my grandson standing in front of his tree – decorated with some of those same ornaments. What a treat! So as I decorate our RV for the season this year I smile as I add that pic to our tree (in an ornament frame) so we can still have them decorate our tree. It's true Christmas is wonderful where ever we are, because we are who we are. Merry Christmas to all!

  6. hi Linda not sure if you remember me or not but we use to hang out together you corky my bro. mike and I, we use to play football in the front yard you had a st bernard, horses lived on the corner or rt 49 and widrig blah blah blah be nice to hear from you