One Tank Trip for Ontario Camping (Southeast Ontario)

November 16, 2010

This One Tank Trip seen in the Woodall’s 2010 North American Campground Directory.

The province of Ontario provides visitors with adventures both rural and metropolitan. Some of the most captivating terrain is on display here in the southeastern portion, as is a wealth of cultural and entertainment opportunities that only the big city can provide.

Amherstburg is positioned right near the Detroit River, as well as the mouth of Lake Erie. This is the beginning of your one tank trip. Campsites here are plentiful, and placed right in the heart of some majestic outdoor life. Visitors who frequent this area comment on how tranquil this area is. Walk along the waterside shopping area, or take a tour of this historic town with buildings that are more than a century old. Enjoy the vibrant colors and fragrances to be found in the botanical garden, or take part in any of the festivals that are always going on in town. It’s easy to see why this area is growing in popularity as a tourist destination for Ontario Camping.

Leaving Amherstburg via the eastbound CR-20, cruise along 24 miles until you come to Kingsville, which is within walking distance of Lake Erie. This charming town is filled to its borders with Victorian architecture, so feel free to walk through the streets and admire. Take a ferry for a day trip out to Pelee Island or enjoy a sample of some of the region’s best wines, courtesy of the local wineries that populate the area. This area is rife with wildlife sanctuaries, so you get your fill of observing small mammals and bird life in their natural habitats.

Continuing east on the CR-20, it’s another 5 miles to the eastbound CR-34, which you’ll take the remaining 3 miles into Leamington. This is a bird lover’s paradise, especially in the spring when the feathered flocks begin their migration into the area. You can also get up close with several different species of butterflies, particularly of the majestic monarch variety. The Marina Park Promenade offers shops and dining, or you can drop a fishing line in the water from off the pier, or rent a boat and take a relaxing cruise across the water.

An eight-mile eastbound drive on the CR-34 brings you into Wheatley, your final stop on this one tank trip through southeast Ontario. In addition to being close to Lake Erie, Wheatley has several parks, with over 20 miles of trails that take you on a winding boardwalk path through forests and hills. This town is considered by bird watching enthusiasts to be the best spot in Ontario for spotting birds, and apparently the fish are biting pretty well here, too.

Break out your binoculars, pack your rod and reel and get ready for some world-class camping when you come to south eastern Ontario. Ontario camping continues to grow in popularity every year, so get in on the action and see what all the excitement’s about.

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