Repairing RV Trim (with 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive)

To properly maintain an RV, you need a few key products in your toolbox. One of these is 3M Super Weatherstrip Gasket Adhesive ( This product is a favorite of boat, car, and motorcycle enthusiasts – and yes, it works great with RVs too.

We own an Airstream travel trailer that we try to keep in good running order. One of the great upsides of Airstream ownership, in our opinion, is the trailer’s longevity. Airstreams are not disposable. Over 70% of all Airstream travel trailers ever built (going back to the 1930s) are still in use today. So if you are a “buy and hold” type, it’s a natural fit.

In all probability, we’ll keep ours (which we occasionally, and for no apparent reason, call “Liv”) for a long time. Perhaps all of our lives. Naturally, we do our best to keep it in good cosmetic and working condition. Over 100,000 miles of travel have taken their toll, but she still looks quite nice to my eyes. Sure, there are a few gravel dents on her rock guards, but they just remind me of a certain road in a remote corner of British Columbia.

Click the pic to get your own!

Click the pic to get your own!

The cosmetics of an Airstream exterior are fairly simple, thanks to that blessed coat of aluminum. Although some Airstreams may suffer from “filiform corrosion” (a separate issue), aluminum never rusts. If it fades, you can polish it. Modern Airstreams are equipped with a clear coat finish, so even fading is muted. But as you’ll see in our video, occasionally there are a few issues that need addressing. Like metal trim pieces falling off.

Repairing the metal trim piece was as simple as thoroughly cleaning the area and finding the right adhesive. As always, a ready supply of the necessary tools always helps. In this case, 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive ( was the secret sauce. And, of course, a little duct tape never hurt anyone.

Occasionally we’ll see ragged out old Airstreams (and cars and motorhomes) and wonder, “How on earth did they let the poor thing get in that condition?” But the truth is that proper maintenance, mechanical and cosmetic, demands ongoing vigilance. When something breaks, you’ve got to repair it THE RIGHT WAY. All too often, owners allow their property to deteriorate a little bit at a time. It’s much better to “fix what needs fixin'” immediately, rather than to let a lot of small jobs become one overwhelming overhaul.

Click here to snag a tube of 3M adhesive.

Special thanks to Kristy’s father Harry for once again coming to our rescue.

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