How to Get Started With Workamping

Do you dream about full-time RVing but aren’t sure your income can support it? Then consider joining the thousands of full-time RVers who work a few hours a week in exchange for a discounted—sometimes free—place to camp. This arrangement is known as “workamping” and here’s how to get started.

Know What Workamping Is

According to Workamper News, the definition of “workamping” is:

Workamping includes any activity that involves the exchange of man/woman hours for anything of value. Workampers are adventuresome individuals and couples who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines any kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping.

You’ll find workamping jobs at many resorts and campgrounds. Seasonal work is also available at offbeat places like sugar beet farms, Christmas tree lots and even at Amazon fulfillment centers around the U.S.

Most workampers take part-time shifts. Many enjoy additional perks like free laundry and guest amenities. Although paid, full-time employment is rare, those jobs do exist. Keep in mind that workamping won’t make you rich, but it’s never intended to replace a “real” income. It’s simply a way for employers to decrease their labor costs and help employees lower their cost of living.

Where to Look for Workamping Jobs

The Internet has exploded with free resources for workamping jobs. My husband and I started our workamping lifestyle with Workamper News and we’ve renewed our membership every year since. Although we only do workamping about once a year, we still benefit from the club because it keeps us touch with the latest jobs and training being offered around the country.

If you want to hit the road and save some money, join the thousands of other workampers out there who reducing rent costs while getting a firsthand glimpse at the best this country has to offer. And if you don’t like it, you can always turn the key and leave.

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