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RV TV Media Choices — Which is Right for You?

RV satellite, Wi-Fi, campground cable… cutting through the RV TV media clutter. With multiple TVs in many of the RVs sold today, travelers have to ponder what service network is best. The first media choices that come to mind are the satellite broadcasters, such as Dish Network, DirecTV, Shaw Direct, etc. WiFi is certainly a

Chart Your Northern Course With Good Sam Trip Planning

Northbound snowbirds can use the Good Sam Trip Planner to design the fun-filled route to the home base. Powered by Rand McNally, the Good Sam Trip Planner maps out travel itineraries and displays locations of Good Sam Parks, Camping World SuperCenters and other attractions. Simply log on to and select Trip Planner from the Plan a

How Many TV’s Do You Need In A Motorhome?

With large class A motor coaches today, bigger always appears better, as is more. Nothing mirrors this more than the televisions that can be found on most. One, or possibly two CRT TV’s were in demand fifteen or twenty years ago. Usually a 19” to 26” in the living room, with a 17” or so

What is Wi-Fi? (part 1)

Remember the old record player/radio systems we called Hi-Fi’s? It meant High Fidelity, and some people say that Wi-Fi means ‘Wireless Fidelity’. Although the term ‘Hi-Fi’ may have provided inspiration, Wi-Fi doesn’t mean anything. It is just a marketing term so people don’t have to call it ‘802.11’ — which is the technical specification. We