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OUR PHOTO OF THE YEAR! (Plus: How to Photograph Lightning)

Recently someone asked us to showcase the best photo we’d taken this year. While choosing a “best” is always tough, one favorite that came to mind was this image of a spectacular lightning storm on the Gulf of Mexico. We took this photo in Florida, after being chased off the beach by an ominous chorus

Margo Armstrong's interview Part 2

By Bob Difley Margo Armstrong, who writes the website and blog called Moving On With Margo did a two part interview with me on RVing, specifically boondocking, and photography. The first part was published last Friday here and the second part, which is the photography part, went live Friday. You can read the photography part

TECH: The New Kindle Fire HDX

We enjoy using tablets to browse the Internet when RV camping. While Apple practically invented the tablet category with the iPad (, Amazon has upped the ante with its Kindle Fire series. The new Kindle Fire HDX ( takes on the iPad Mini ( With the HDX, Amazon has delivered a powerful tablet with premium