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Wekiva Falls RV Resort: Home for Snowbird Fun

Wekiva Falls RV Resort is a haven for snowbird fun amid the warm climate of Florida. Just one look at the resort’s calendar of activities, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular spot for folks seeking a roost in the Sunshine State. And the resort’s activities director, Lucy, is always coming up with fun and interesting ways

Fantastic Fudge: The Ultimate Snowbird Dessert Recipe

Fantastic Fudge makes a great addition to any Snowbird dessert menu. What speaks to this time of the year, and childhood memories, better than homemade fudge? Well, you can create this delectable treat right in your RV easily using the following recipe: Fantastic Fudge 3 cups Sugar ¾ cup unsalted Butter 5 ounces of canned

Join the Snowbird Flock on Your Sun Belt Trip

Join the snowbird flock and find the right activities for you Snowbird resorts across the Sun Belt offer clubs, sports leagues and social activities for travelers who seek to have fun with like-minded folks. Find birds of a feather and join the fun during your next RV trip, from group tours to gaming tournaments. But