IMG_4165Adding bling to your RV can both personalize it and make it stand out in the crowd. There are many relatively easy and affordable ways for you to “Bling Out Your Ride.” Lighting appears to be the most common method. Twelve volt L.E.D. rope lighting is ideal for many of these projects, as they require very little amperage and outputs hardly any heat.

L.E.D. rope lighting can be installed inside or out. The product that has the 3M sticky can be installed beneath the chassis frame where the body meets the rocker panels. Many of the lighting packages include a controller that can change and adjust the color of the light. Generally, under chassis lighting works extremely well with a blue tone.

Another popular outside installation is on the inside of the awning cover so it lights the patio at night. Wiring on this project is accomplished by fastening the wire harness to one of the support arms. It sounds more complicated than it really is.

Inside lighting is another great way to customize your RV. Again, rope lighting, preferably L.E.D., is a good choice.  Fastening it below any cabinet at the kick-plate over-hang can produce excellent lighting results. Likewise, installing indirect lighting above ceiling rails or slide-out mouldings can produce a dramatic glow that can add and enhance the ambiance of any coach interior.

If you have not added any additional interior lighting to your rig, it is a blank canvas. You will be surprised what you can do, and even more surprised with the results. Make your RV reflect your personality. Doing it with lighting is fun, relatively easy, and can result in the ultimate show piece.

So, why not start your lighting project today? It can be an enjoyable job with rewarding results.

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