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10 Great Gift Ideas for RV Campers

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Shopping online has never been easier. So relax! Fix a cup of hot cocoa and settle into your favorite chair. Click, shop, save, and laugh – at all those people fighting crowds in the local shopping malls.

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10. Memory Foam RV Mattress and/or Pillows
Sleep – it does a body good! Alas, the average RV mattress resembles a medieval torture device. Upgrading is the key to survival. Whether you go for memory foam pillows, mattress toppers, or a complete mattress – you’ll sleep better with memory foam. Now you can get full foam RV mattresses at a reasonable price.

9. Battery Tender and/or Charger
Like the rest of us, our batteries are born to die. (There’s your deep philosophical thought of the day). A battery tender will keep ’em in good shape even when they are in storage. A quality battery charger makes for a nice addition to any toolkit. Think of it like vitamins and exercise for your batteries.

8. Tire Gauge / Air Compressor
If your significant other has a lousy tire gauge, consider spoiling him or her with a nice one. It’s the sort of thing we might not buy ourselves, but appreciate every time we use it. Along these lines, a nice air compressor doesn’t blow. Well, actually it DOES blow, in a complimentary fashion. (On this note gentlemen, if you’re buying your wife an anniversary gift, don’t start with an air compressor.)

7. Kindle Fire or iPad
RV campers tend to be readers. Maybe that’s because campgrounds tend to be quiet places without a lot of heavy metal concerts. With a Kindle device, you get access to just about every book ever written. There are loads of free books out there to enjoy. If you’d prefer an iPad, you can always load the Kindle app.

6. Walkie Talkies
Walkies-talkies have come in handy since World War 2. They also help avoid World War 3 when husband-and-wife are backing up the RV into a campsite. There are many uses for walkie-talkies, from national parks to Walmart parking lots. They often work better than cellphones, especially in remote rural locations.

5. Boeshield T-9
This “miracle in a can” should be found in every RV camper’s toolkit. It’s kind of like WD-40, but better in every way. It lubricates while helping to prevent corrosion. Spray it on anything that might rust or squeak! Works wonders on an RV. Yes, Boeshield T-9 is our favorite lubricant. (Are we really admitting this in public?!)

4. Oxygenics Shower Head
Save water while enjoying a great shower! The Oxygenics shower head uses 70% less water than an ordinary shower head. This not only allows RV campers to extend the life of their water supply, it also makes the hot water tank seem larger. Because if you’re using 70% less hot water in the shower, your tank lasts that much longer.

3. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
A nice vacuum cleaner is always appreciated, especially by anyone sharing space with a typical male RV camper. Dyson vacuums are not exactly cheap, but their premium quality and innovative design are well established. We have a handheld Dyson in our Airstream and love it. Many people sharing space with pets and husbands opt for the Animal model.

2. Air-Dryr
This is one of those products that works great in an RV, especially one slated for storage. An Air-Dryr helps to keep mold and mildew out of RVs by simply drying the air. It’s not a dehumidifier so there’s no water collection to empty. It’s a simple low maintenance device.

1. OBDII Code Reader
There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and “check engine” lights. Every person needs one of these code readers in his or her toolkit. Even the basic Autel Maxiscan MS300 gets the job done, but for a nice gift you might look at one of the more upscale models (which feature nicer screens, on board diagnostic codes, error code “erase” buttons, and so forth).

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